Project: Patient Customer Experience

Project: Patient Customer Experience

April 2024

About the Project

Patient Customer Experience

In our 2023 Year End Trends industry survey, Customer Experience topped the list of trends pharma marketers are most interested in for 2024. In response, The DHC Group assembled a group of leading industry experts to study Patient Customer Experience in pharma.

Pharma industry research and consumer data were collected in partnership with Qualtrics and Sermo. Those results were shared and used by a dynamic group of partners in presentation of best practices for key facets of patient customer experience.

Industry Report

The DHC Group assembled a leading group of experts – including partners EVERSANA INTOUCH, Healthline Media, ixlayer and Qualtrics – to study patient customer experience in pharma through gathering recent consumer data, conducting further pharma industry research, and evaluating innovations along the patient journey.

This project began with a review of the patient journey and content discovery related to health and treatment information. It’s clear patients are actively seeking health content from many sources. The ease of access and use of content is a key consideration as they decide what resources they will embrace. Innovations in the diagnostic testing space were also examined looking at recently introduced direct-to-consumer models enabling robust and certified testing within the home setting – with integration back to primary care physicians and providers.

Building on the insights related to the experience of diagnostics, the analysis continues with a review of research conducted with pharmaceutical executives about their experience with Cx programs and how they judge success. A key insight from executives is that Cx programs must address or satisfy revenue and growth hurdles in addition to boosting or optimizing experience-related ratings.

Finally, the review of patient Cx innovation closes with insights on how to link and optimize diagnosis and Cx programs through connected care achieved through a review of a program to help diagnose and motivate treatment for patients with Lyme Disease.

Industry Expert Insights

Understanding the Patient Journey:
Bringing Access and Care Closer to the Patient
Alyssa Kopelman
Healthline Media

How to Implement at-Home Testing
for Improved Patient CX
Jeff Davis | Debra Harris | Bernard Esquivel

The State of Patient Experience in Life Sciences
Richard Schwartz

Lyme Bomb Detector
Tracy Kossler

Patient Customer Experience: Fireside Chat

Laurie Meyers, Genentech / Mark Bard, DHC Group

Patient Customer Experience: Panel Discussion

Alyssa Kopelman, Healthline Media
Jeff Davis, ixlayer
Debra Harris, ixlayer
Bernard Esquivel, ixlayer
Richard Schwartz, Qualtrics
Laurie Meyers, Genentech
Mark Bard, The DHC Group

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