Innovations in Patient Cx

The DHC Group assembled a leading group of experts to study patient customer experience in pharma through gathering recent consumer data, conducting further pharma industry research, and evaluating innovations along the patient journey.

This project includes a review of the patient journey and content discovery related to health and treatment information, innovations in the diagnostic testing space, and insights related to the experience of diagnostics. The analysis continues with a review of research conducted with pharmaceutical executives about their experience with Cx programs, how they judge success, and the need for Cx programs to address and satisfy revenue and growth hurdles in addition to boosting or optimizing experience-related ratings. Finally, insights on how to link and optimize diagnosis and Cx programs through connected care is achieved through review of a program to help diagnose and motivate treatment for patients with Lyme Disease.

Pharmacy Innovations

As an industry, pharmaceutical marketers spend a significant amount of time, money, and effort to motivate and get consumers and patients to the pharmacy – the fill.

However, while we spend a lot of time thinking about marketing and getting the suitable patients to the doctor’s office, in many cases, we don’t think about the “last mile” and what happens at the pharmacy setting when they have the final conversion from Rx to treatment in hand (or bag). Do they have the correct information to alleviate potential concerns about side effects? Do they have the right and most recent information related to their coverage and benefits for their first fill – and subsequent fills?

As an industry, brands may lose anywhere from 20% to 40% of patients between the Rx and the pharmacy fill. How can brands partner with physicians, patients, and pharmacies to reduce this leakage in the system?

The Why of GenAI
for Pharma

As GenAI evolves at a record pace, pharma commercial teams must keep pace without losing sight of the overall business strategy. Understanding, testing, and extracting value from GenAI is critical for the majority of commercial teams across the pharmaceutical, bio, and life sciences landscape today.

The potential impact of GenAI within pharma ranges from MLR, creative, audience building, targeting, patient support programs, field force content optimization, as well as the broader category of customer experience programs with both patients and physicians.