DHCG partners with selected industry leaders and key stakeholders to conduct research projects on a range of topics related to digital pharmaceutical marketing innovation. Survey results, white papers analysis, and key takeaways are shared with the DHCG network, presented at DHC Summits and covered at major industry conferences. 

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Bringing together change makers and innovators to connect and exchange ideas, DHC Summits provide insights and strategies to enhance the professional development of marketing executives within the healthcare industry, while providing an intimate networking setting within which to connect with fellow thought leaders. 

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DHCG works with partners to create compelling, unique, educational, and high value content for distribution to the DHCG network of content and community partners. Examples of media projects include webinars, newsletter content, video, custom content, and sponsored content.

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The DHC Group is known for cutting edge research, curated events, and high value content and media. Expanding on the legacy of the Digital Health Coalition (originally founded in 2011), the DHC Group includes a diverse group of industry thought leaders and innovative organizations seeking to define the future of digital health and pharmaceutical marketing. 

Current areas of focus for the DHCG include the following: 

  • Research

  • Events

  • Media

  • Community

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