DHCG partners with selected industry leaders and key stakeholders to conduct strategic research projects on a range of topics related to digital pharmaceutical marketing innovation. Survey results, white papers analysis, and key takeaways are shared with the DHCG network, presented at DHC Summits and covered at major industry conferences.


Bringing together change makers and innovators to connect and exchange ideas, DHC Summits provide insights and strategies to enhance the professional development of marketing executives within the healthcare industry, while providing an intimate networking setting within which to connect with fellow industry and brand thought leaders.


The DHCG works with invited members and partners to create compelling, unique, educational, and high value content for distribution to the DHCG network of content and community partners. Examples of recent projects include research studies, executive interviews, roundtables, webinars, newsletter content, videos, custom content, and sponsored content.


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“Great events! I learned a lot, and I was grateful to be able to share with colleagues and peers.”

Patricia Anderson • Merck

How the Pandemic Will Forever Change Pharma Sales & Marketing

COVID-19 has changed nearly every aspect of healthcare as we know it. Pharmaceutical commercial organizations must quickly adapt to the present while simultaneously planning for a dramatically different future.

From changes in professional and consumer communications to the evolution of point of care to the future of the field force, brand launches, and beyond, this whitepaper is a comprehensive report on what your peers are saying and doing now, and how they’re preparing for what’s next. Plus, best practices, opportunities, and insights, with actions you can take today to secure your brand’s future tomorrow.

Thought Leaders Weigh In on The Future of Privacy First Marketing

The shift away from (browser-based) cookies by Apple, Firefox, and Google has ushered in a new era of targeting and audience metrics for brands, marketers, and agencies. This shift will have an acute impact on the approach pharma companies will have to take to successfully promote their products online.

The DHC Group and its members will be affected by these privacy-first changes – so we turned to our membership to gain a better understanding of some of the challenges and opportunities facing pharma brand marketers. The DHC Group interviewed more than 20 leading digital marketing experts from ad tech, data firms, agencies, publishers, and pharmaceutical organizations and asked them how they plan to adapt to the “privacy-first” era – and what’s ahead for audience targeting, tracking, and metrics.

The Now & The Next in Pharma Marketing explores practical solutions for the challenges that pharmaceutical organizations continue to face in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Less a follow-up to our original COVID-19 whitepaper, and more a detailed, deeper dive, this report leverages new research insights, practical solutions and proven tactics to implement now and help you evolve your commercial strategy.

Even as vaccines are being administered and the “end” of COVID-19 appears to be in sight, much work remains as pharma marketers continue to respond to a constant state of evolution and uncertainty. The Now & The Next in Pharma Marketing reports on key relationships — pharma-to-professional, professional-to-patient and pharma-to-patient — with actionable recommendations:

* Rethink your sales force strategy
* Embrace opportunities at the point of care
* Optimize the rise of telemedicine
* Decide where to double down on digital

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