Bringing together change makers and innovators to connect and exchange ideas, DHC Summits provide insights and strategies to enhance the professional development of marketing executives within the healthcare industry, while providing an intimate networking setting within which to connect with fellow thought leaders.

DHC events are uniquely formatted afternoon events which include a rapidly moving agenda, an engaged group of industry peers, newly released research findings, and fireside chats with industry executives. The meetings are also designed to address challenges and opportunities in healthcare marketing innovation, digital transformation and more. 

“Great events! I learned a lot, and I was able to share with colleagues.” Tricia Brown, Merck

“DHC events help us grow and consider new ideas and tools as we look to the future.” Jay Denhart-Lillard, Genentech

(in partnership with the Digital Health Coalition) 

As we continue to work towards a “new normal” for events the DHC Group is proud to offer a wide range of virtual events, roundtables, and expert interviews. 

If you have questions about how to get involved with DHC Group events please email Christine Franklin.


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