The DHC Group Launch Announced by Digital Health Coalition Leadership Supporting Expanded Growth

The DHC Group ( was created to meet the needs of a diverse network of members in the technology, publishing, media, pharmaceutical, and device industries. The new entity provides strategic advisory services, custom content, event services, and research for global clients. Executives and managers often find it challenging to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape and stay connected to their peers and colleagues. The DHC Group brings together cutting-edge research, curated events, high value content and a close-knit professional community to exchange ideas and be ready for what’s next in digital health and pharma marketing.

The DHC Group preserves the legacy of the Digital Health Coalition, a nonprofit educational think tank, formed in 2011. Expanding on the scope and mission of that original project by industry thought leaders, the DHC Group provides existing and new clients with a mix of services and thought leadership opportunities.

“Our members have been asking us to expand the scope and depth of the services and opportunities offered by the organization,” said Mark Bard, co-founder of the DHC Group. “This new venture allows us to invest in the future and bring a wider range of services to members and clients.”

While the structure of the DHC Group is new, the dedication and focus on digital health and digital pharma innovation remains. The organization will expand core services and significantly grow the range of services for members in the coming years.

About DHC Group

DHC Group is a privately held network, providing content, media and event services to global clients. Contact DHC Group [email protected] or visit them on the Web at